Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter

Very many pharmacies now require that you have a medical prescription or get tested first before they can sell you medicine. Erectile dysfunction (ED) medicine is one of the drugs affected by this law that is forcing many buyers to seek for alternative methods that don't require a prescription.

Buying drugs over the counter has been a simple alternative that saves millions of buyers from going to a doctor first before they can buy medicine. Having to get a prescription first before making a purchase is tedious, not to mention that not many men look forward towards the shame of discussing their ED problems with a doctor.

How to buy ED medicine over the counter

There are two ways that you can go to buy erectile dysfunction medicine off the shelf without the need for a prescription.

The two methods are discussed below;

  1. Buying online. This is the most common way. There are very many pharmacies that transact over the internet providing medicine for very many Americans. Since buying male enhancement pills over the counter is not legal in the US, you have to settle for buying the medicine from overseas pharmacies and then having them ship it to you. This is the fastest method since most chemists will send the medicine to you in less than two days.

  2. Having a friend buy them for you. Unlike the US, most other countries, particularly in Europe, have legalized the sale of over the counter male enhancement pills. This means that if you have a friend living in such countries, they can buy the medicine for you and then send it over to you. For most of us who don't have many friends abroad, you can always rely on a traveling friend to buy them for you and then come back with them into the country after their trip.

Why buy male erection pills over the counter?

There are very many advantages to buying medicine over the counter instead of walking to your chemist to get them prescribed to you. Below are a few reasons that make buying erectile dysfunction medicine OTC worth it:

  1. It guarantees privacy. Many men are unwilling to openly discuss their erectile dysfunction problems with a doctor and then get tested. However, if you go to a chemist, you have to get tested first before they can sell you male enhancement medicine, which is not an acceptable option for most people. If you want to protect your privacy and yet get the same medicine you would when buying from your local chemist, why not go on the Internet and purchase the medicine from an online store from abroad.

  2. It's convenient. When buying male enhancement medicine, you need a comfortable way that saves you the hustle of having to drive to your doctor and then to you local chemist. When purchasing male erection pills over the counter, you can be assured that there is no active effort needed such as walking or driving. From the comfort of your bedroom or your train ride to work, buying medicine on the internet can be done anywhere. Ordering is very fast and can take less than five minutes if you know what medicine you want to buy.

  3. It provides variety. Having a broad range of medicines to choose from allows you to choose the best over the counter male enhancement pill that will work for you. When going to a chemist, you risk missing out on at least a few meds from that range since most pharmacies don't sell all the pills available. However, online stores focus on treating a particular disease, which means that they offer nearly every male enhancement medicine available on market. This helps you make the best choice.

  4. User reviews. When buying medicine, it is very hard to pick which medicine is the best for you. This means that you have to ask the pharmacy attendant for a recommendation of the best medicine. Since the attendant is focused on making the most profitable sale, their responses may be very biased and not focused on your best interests. However, when buying from an online drugstore, you can be assured that there will be user reviews to aid you in choosing the best male enhancement pills over the counter.

Best over the counter male enhancement pills

There isn't a brand of male enhancement pills that is best for all people. However, after viewing user reviews for a while, you get an idea of what brands are working for most people. The most common male erection pills on sale are Viagra, Levitra, Tadalafil, Cialis Soft and Kamagra; just to name a few.

Another great part of buying medicine from an online store is that most drugs come in various forms so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Some of the forms the ED meds are available in are oral jellies, soft sublingual, tablets and creams.

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease that people need to go to the doctor to get treated anymore. With a little information, you can self-diagnose and medicate yourself to improve your condition.

One last tip is that with more and more online pharmacies being set up daily, you must take good care not to buy counterfeit drugs or get scammed by con artists who will rip you off your hard earned money.

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