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In spite of the fact that Viagra is considered to be a medicine available strictly by prescription, you have most definitely seen at least a few Internet sources talking about no-prescription Viagra. So what is it – a myth or a real thing? In this article we will try to answer your question and provide the information on whether it is possible to purchase Viagra without prescription or not, whether it’s safe enough or not and where to get Viagra over the counter. We will also fill you in on a number of other related topics, so read on to get the fullest information related to your question here.

Does over the counter Viagra exist at all?

Let’s start with the very first question that you probably asked yourself when starting your search for Viagra available without prescription – does it exist at all? A negative answer would have made all further writing pointless but, luckily, that’s not the case here. Indeed, you can purchase Sildenafil over the counter and even though it’s not likely to be brand-name Viagra from the patented manufacturer, it doesn’t change the whole situation much. The bottom line is that the ED medication you are on the lookout for can be purchased over the counter. It might be generic Viagra or a medication sold under some different brand but identical to Viagra in structure. Plus, there are reported cases when people could purchase brand-name Viagra with no RX on the Internet too, so if you are lucky, you might end up purchasing the genuine blue pills without the prescription hassle just as well.

Of course, you will come across multiple people who will try to convince you that the only way to get Viagra is by visiting your doctor, obtaining the prescription and then going to your local drugstore or getting the medication by mail order. Luckily, this has barely got anything to do with the real state of affairs – unless you are still living in 1998 when Viagra was introduced into the market and didn’t have any alternatives at all. These days there are countless pharmaceutical companies producing meds similar to Viagra (mostly outside of the US) and a lot of them make these meds available without prescription. So forget about the stuff people are saying and just check out the real state of affairs – we are sure you will find it exactly as we say it is.

Is Viagra over the counter safe?

When assessing the risks associated with taking no-prescription Sildenafil-based meds, it’s important to remember that Viagra itself is not 100% safe. Thus, compared to the original Viagra, its over the counter version is safe, yes. However, there are still certain risks that you run when taking any type of Viagra – brand-name or generic. Those are mainly related to possible side effects of Sildenafil. In fact, you are not likely to experience any of those if you take Viagra in full accordance with the recommendations (don’t take more than 100 mg of Sildenafil in 24 hours and don’t take Viagra with grapefruit, grapefruit juice or excessive amounts of alcohol). Nevertheless, we feel obliged to warn you of all possible adverse effects that Sildenafil may cause.

A significant number of people taking Viagra report suffering from its milder side effects, which include flushing, nasal congestion, headache, dyspepsia, increased sensitivity to light or loss of peripheral vision. Of course, 99% of men suffering from ED would agree to cope with all of these at once in order to enjoy good healthy sex – but the point is that the possibility of you experiencing even 1 of these side effects, save all of them at once, is rather low.

The possibility of experiencing severe side effects of Viagra is even lower. Nevertheless, this group of side effects carries potential risk to your health or even life, so you should always remember about them when taking Viagra. In the unlikely event of experiencing any symptoms of the conditions listed below, consult your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical assistance.

Severe side effects of Sildenafil include the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Severe hypotension
  • Arrhythmia
  • Vision changes
  • Priapism (an unusual erection lasting for up to 4 hours or more)

Always follow the recommendations provided on the leaflet you will find inside your Viagra package – this is very likely to save you from mild side effects of the medication and reduce the risk of experiencing severe ones almost to zero.

It should be noted, however, that you are not likely to suffer from side effects when taking brand-name Viagra or high-quality generic over the counter Viagra from a reliable supplier. Unfortunately, there are quite a few online and brick and mortar pharmacies that sell counterfeit ED medications of very low quality of even plain bogus pills. These are much riskier – you might end up not feeling any effect at all or, even worse, suffering from very severe adverse effects. This may happen when you take Viagra in a strength exceeding 100mg or take low-grade unpurified Sildenafil.

If you want to reduce your risks when buying ED meds over the counter, always get them from reliable sources. Simply google for customers’ feedback for the pharmacy you are interested in. A large number of positive customer reviews (at least a few dozens with zero or few negative ones) would be a good indication of the fact that you can purchase from this drugstore risk-free.

Besides, pay the same attention to the manufacturer of the drug that you are about to purchase – if it’s generic Viagra, of course. There are several companies that have been specializing in ED cures for years now and they are the ones you want to get your pills from. New manufacturers as well as manufacturers with a lot of negative feedback are considered to be high-risk sources of Viagra that you should avoid at all times.

Where do I get Sildenafil over the counter?

While most people looking for a place to get Viagra without doctor’s RX choose to shop for it online, it should be noted that there are also other places that you should consider. Read on and we will try to figure out, which source would be the most convenient for you.

The funny thing is that in some countries where the FDA is not controlling the market and patent regulations are not as strict, you can actually buy Viagra or similar meds in any pharmacy without being asked for a prescription. And it certainly looks like a smart thing too – when a man is having problems with his virility, the least thing he wants to do is go and talk to someone about it. And you will have to do a lot of talking when you go hunting for the prescription at your doctor’s, so be ready. Lots of questions you’d rather not answer, lots of unpleasant or even plain painful tests… The price that you have to pay in order to obtain a prescription for Viagra is often too high for many.

But even if your country doesn’t allow selling Viagra prescription-free, it’s too early to lose hope. Thanks to the World Wide Web, medications from one country can be securely purchased in another and shipped right to your door without any hassle or any papers required. Besides, it allows you to remain private when shopping for Viagra. The package will be shipped right to your door, wrapped in opaque plastic or paper so that even the delivery person will have no idea what you are getting. That’s a great alternative to buying ED meds in brick and mortar pharmacies where you are forced to share your secret not only with the pharmacist but also with everyone in the queue. Not too much of a tempting opportunity, is it?

So, purchasing Viagra over the counter on the Internet seems to be the smartest option out there. You will most probably find it offered in international online drugstores operating from countries like Mexico or India. Please, make sure you count the timing right when ordering the medication – shipping from abroad usually takes quite some time. And a gentle reminder once again – always check out the customers’ testimonials and whatever background information you can find before buying from any website. Only those that seem to be reliable enough should remain on your radar.

Will I still need to present any papers from my doctor when shopping for Viagra on the Web?

No, you won’t – provided you have chosen your pharmacy right. The fact that you can purchase Viagra online without a prescription doesn’t mean that you can get it from virtually any pharmacy on the Web. There are lots of US-based Internet drugstores that will ask you for a prescription upon registering your order. This is probably not the type of e-stores that you are after – so always check for prescription requirements before filling in any order details.

Is Viagra over the counter same with homemade Viagra?

Now that’s where it is important to know the difference between the real medication that you are after and the potions from a witch doctor. There is actually no such thing as homemade Viagra per se because Sildenafil is impossible to synthesize outside of special medical laboratories with high-grade equipment and skilled personnel. What people call ‘homemade Viagra’ are different herbal preparations and potions that you can make from products available in any grocery store. Do they help against erectile dysfunction? Well, some say they do and there is no scientific evidence of the opposite (at least, because there are too many recipes to test them all, perhaps). Do they work like Viagra? Not in this universe.

Let’s try to be realistic. Do you really think that a mixture of watermelon and lemon juice (one of the popular recipes) can make you get an erection if you drink it 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse? Only if you are susceptible to placebo effect, I would say. While it’s no problem for Viagra, such traditional recipes can prove to be effective only when you stick to them for very long periods of time. The vitamins and microelements in such products don’t work immediately – it takes them months and months to affect your system.

It’s not by chance that to this date there are only three substances known to treat erectile dysfunction and approved by FDA – Sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil. No natural cures come close to these three. Hence, all homemade Viagra recipes should be treated with a certain portion of skepticism. Once again, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work at all – they just don’t work the way Viagra would.

What to choose – regular Viagra or its over the counter version?

There is no universal answer to this question since every person in need of a quick and reliable ED cure should make this decision by themselves. It’s obvious that both options have got their own positive and negative sides. Summing up everything stated above, we will try to list all of them below.

Brand-name Viagra obtained with a prescription is, perhaps, a slightly safer option than the over the counter medication. It doesn’t have to do anything with the likelihood of suffering from side effects though – Sildenafil always has them, no matter where you get it from. However, when you are buying Viagra from a big licensed pharmacy or a very reliable online supplier, you risk less than when purchasing it from a shady online drugstore no one has ever heard of.

Nevertheless, obtaining Viagra the usual way is much more of a hassle – and a much more expensive option too. Besides, it doesn’t guarantee your privacy the way shopping for Viagra online does.

Based on this, we would conclude that buying Viagra over the Internet is a better option for many. If you choose your supplier carefully and follow the simple guidelines regarding your therapy with Viagra, it won’t be any riskier than going to your doctor, obtaining the RX and getting your Viagra from that CVS around the corner. Plus, just think of all the money this choice will save you – the money that pharmaceutical moguls won’t be able to put into their pockets for no obvious reasons. The final decision is always up to you but we bet you will agree that this reasoning sounds even more than just tempting. So, this time the choice is in favor of over the counter Viagra.

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