Diflucan Over the Counter

Diflucan is essentially an anti- fungal medicine used to combat various fungal infections. The name of the main active ingredient in it is Fluconazole. Fluconazole was first patented in the year 1981 and became available in the markets in 1988. It is mentioned on the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines, which comprises the safest and most effective medicines used in a developed healthcare system.

Diflucan belongs to the azole antifungal family of medicines and is believed to work by disrupting the cellular membrane of fungal organisms. It is used in the treatment of conditions like coccidiodomycosis, histoplasmosis, candidiasis, blastomycosis, cryptococcosis and a few more. Besides, it is also used in prevention of candidiasis in patients who are at high risk of infection, such as recipients of organ transplants, those having low count of blood neutrophils and low weight birth babies.

Commonly, the side effects of Diflucan are relatively mild and may include vomiting, diarrhea, rashes and increased liver enzymes. Larger doses may cause more serious side effects like liver problems and seizures. It may also increase the risk of miscarriage if large doses are given during pregnancy.

Diflucan OTC

Although most sources state that Diflucan is a prescription-only medication, this is not entirely true – Diflucan OTC is a thing. You are still recommended to visit your doctor and explain your symptoms prior to taking Diflucan simply because self-medication is almost never a good alternative to a treatment controlled by a qualified healthcare provider. Nevertheless, you can get your Diflucan refills in case of prolonged therapy or recurrent symptoms without obtaining the RX from your doctor every time you need a new dose.

There are several reasons for Diflucan being regarded as a prescription medication, the main ones being underlined below.

Firstly, Diflucan is only meant for fungal infections. Most people aren’t equipped to understand the type of infection they are suffering from. Unnecessary usage of the wrong drug for the wrong issue can cause unnecessary complications.

Secondly, Diflucan may interact with other drugs like halofantrine, prednisone, Vitamin A, certain cholesterol drugs, some kinds of oral diabetic medicines, etc., which are frequently taken by people. It is therefore prudent to prevent people from buying such drugs without prescription. Nevertheless, if you are confident you are not using any of the meds that may interact with Diflucan, you can get Fluconazole over the counter.

Summing up the information above: DIflucan is not a controlled drug. While it makes sense to label it as a prescription drug, there are no serious side effects. It is a relatively safe medication with very few side effects.

Generic Diflucan Fluconazole

Generic versions of a drug are copies of the original drug which are essentially the same with respect to chemical composition, pharmacological activity, absorption, reaction time and side effects and benefits. Diflucan also has generic versions available if you wish to purchase them, most of them called simply by the name of the active ingredient, Fluconazole.

Generic versions of drugs may be considered for purchase because they are much cheaper than the branded variety since the generic manufacturers don’t invest in the research and marketing of the product as much as the original manufacturers. Generic versions are basically produced by various manufacturers after the patent that gives the original manufacturer exclusive rights to produce the drug expires. This way, they save on the development costs of the drug by utilizing pre-existing technology or innovations.

Generic Diflucan should readily be available in drugstores near you. If you don’t find a generic version of the drug there, you can purchase it online and save some money as well, since most portals ship from countries where the production costs are much lower and, therefore, the final product is much cheaper.

If you wonder if generic Diflucan is different from brand-name Diflucan, then here’s the answer. Generic medicines are required by the US FDA to be as safe, efficient and contain the exact same active ingredients as their branded variants. They may vary in terms of the non-active ingredients and flavors, but the active ingredients, dosage, mode of action, time of release and efficacy will be the same.

Fluconazole 200mg oral tablet

Fluconazole 200 mg is the strongest form of Fluconazole, which is used in conditions where the infection is severe or chronic. Normally, it is used in adults for whom the chance of infection is very high, for example, transplant patients or patients with systemic Candida infections etc.

Fluconazole 100mg oral tablet

This is a moderate dose of Fluconazole given to adults who have low to moderate levels of infection. It is given for conditions like urinary tract infection, peritonitis, oropharyngeal candidiasis, etc.

It may also be given to children with conditions like cryptococcal meningitis and systemic candida infections.

Fluconazole 50mg oral tablet

This is the mildest dose available in oral form and is used for adults having mild infections. It is also given to children suffering from esophageal candidiasis and oropharyngeal candidiasis.

Fluconazole/Diflucan is a reasonably safe medicine, a broad spectrum drug which might cause mild side effects for people with certain pre-existing conditions and in conjunction with certain drugs but treats numerous infections very well. While it is best to inform the doctor about the various medications you are taking and any pre-existing health conditions prior to taking fluconazole for the first time, you can definitely obtain your further refills over the counter.

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