Is Viagra over the counter in USA, UK and Canada

Since the introduction of Viagra® over 10 years ago on an international pharmaceutical market, about 35 million men have already taken it. The attribution of this remedy to the OTC group would make it more accessible for men who are embarrassed to discuss their intimate problems with a doctor, and dispensing a drug on the advice of a pharmacist could solve this problem.

In 2007 the famous pharmaceutical network «Alliance Boots» in the UK started the project of "Viagra over the counter UK", Having timed the launch of this pilot project for Valentine's Day. During the first 6 months, there were three network pharmacies in Manchester where, according to the terms of a program, men of 30-65 years old received pharmacist's consultation with the collection of anamnesis, measurement of blood pressure, determination of cholesterol and glucose in the blood.

After visiting the pharmacist, each man could buy 4 tablets for 50 pounds sterling (about 97 US dollars) without a prescription, but to continue the treatment the drug should have been further prescribed by a doctor.The speaker of European Medicines Agency — EMEА) noticed that according to European laws Viagra — is a prescription drug so it should be taken only under medical supervision, as it was quoted in «International Herald Tribune».

Unless you’ve lived in a cave during the finale 15 years, you’ve probably heard of the ed drug Viagra sold by prescription.

This drug is used to help improve your erection quality, stamina etc. Everyone knows that it's impossible to buy viagra otc (over the counter) in the USA in any local pharmacy only unless you live just near the border with Mexico. Every time

you have to visit your healthcare provide, admit that you’re having problems with your “second EGO”, pass diagnostics and get erectile dysfunction medication prescribed. Lots of men are ashamed of it…

Lots of men have an insurance that will never compensate the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it’s too expensive to purchase viagra.

So millions of guys ask themselves everyday if viagra over the counter in the USA is a myth then how all the rest men live their sexual life full of value?! What is their alternatives available over the counter, which are affordably priced and have less side effects?!

Meanwhile, when everyone’s waiting Pfizer to produce Viagra over the counter, in Canada some people have already noticed the possibility for ordering viagra without prescription. Plenty international pharmacies offer Generic Viagra over the counter in Canada to be purchased online, by competitive cost with 100% guarantee of complete privacy and security to every online customer.

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