Generic Lidocaine (Xylocaine) over the counter

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic medicine widely available under the brand names of Xylocaine and Lignocaine. It was first discovered in the year 1946 and was available to the general populace from 1948 onwards.

It has since gained popularity due to its effectiveness, fast action and inexpensive cost and has been touted as being among the world’s safest and most effective medications. It is also included into the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

Lidocaine is used primarily as a pain reliever or numbing agent but has several other applications for various conditions like heart arrhythmia, to suppress cough reflex in intubated patients, for patients suffering from gastritis, for treating jellyfish stings by both reducing the pain and by preventing further discharge of nematocysts, etc.

Lidocaine can be administered in almost every conceivable form – orally (as a gel or liquid), intravenously, topically (in the form of a cream or dermal patch), nasally and as aerosol sprays. But essentially, the two most predominant modes of administration are via injection and topical application.

Lidocaine can be applied topically in the form of over the counter Lidocane cream, powders, pads, foams, dressing, lotion and sprays. It is used on various parts of the body to cause numbness, to relieve pain and itching caused by minor burns, cuts, insect bites, sunburns etc.

Injected Lidocaine is much more potent compared to topically applied Lidocaine. It is used for major wounds caused due to accidents, second and third degree burns, minor process like suturing, spinal taps and as a local anesthetic for minor surgeries. It essentially works by blocking those gates of nerve cells which conduct pain. Through a complex chemical process, it blocks the flow of ions across these gates which send the pain signals to the brain, effectively causing that portion of the body to lose feeling.

Over the counter Lidocaine cream

So, can you buy lidocaine over the counter? The answer is yes, Lidocaine cream is available freely over the counter without the requirement of a doctor’s prescription. If you ever find yourself in a position where you are stung by a bee or any other insect, or if you have accidentally cut yourself while taking care of daily chores you can just clean up the wound with water and an antiseptic, and then purchase lidocaine over the counter at your local drugstore to take care of the pain.

You have just realized that the brand of Lidocaine your local chemist stocks is quite expensive? Or you do not really wish to step out of your house over the weekend just to replenish the tube of Lidocaine you keep handy for emergencies? Or maybe the oral gel form of Lidocaine you are looking for in unavailable in your small town drugstore?

Either way, you can easily circumvent these issues by looking up your favorite online drugstore and order your preferred brand of Lidocaine from there. Yes. Lidocaine is easily available online and you can order Lidocaine in almost all its forms from an online seller.

So, now that we know that Lidocaine is a pain reliever, some would probably end up wondering why it is not controlled. This is a logical question to ask, since most pain killers or numbing agents are highly regulated due to chances of addiction and abuse. However, the basic working principle of Lidocaine precludes these possibilities.

Lidocaine essentially works in a localized area – that is, it blocks the nerves from passing on pain signals to the brain by affecting the gates involved in the process. Addiction normally occurs when narcotic substances directly affect the brain and suppress the ‘pain centre’ by preventing it from recognizing the pain.

Hence, except for numbing the area in question, Lidocaine does not provide any ‘pleasurable’ sensation to the brain. It just numbs the nerves, which does not provide any incentive for use when the patient is not in pain.

Generic Xylocaine Lidocaine

There are quite a few generic versions of Xylocaine available in the market. The most popular of these is called Lidocaine. As we know, generic versions are basically copies of branded drugs which comprise the exact same dosage, chemical composition, usage, benefits, side effects, administration routes, strength and efficacy. Simply put, the pharmacological effects of generic drugs are exactly the same as that of their branded counterparts. Generic Xylocaine Lidocaine is no exception to this rule and there is no difference between generic and brand-name Lidocaine.

But why buy generic lidocaine at all? Let’s take a deeper look at the mechanisms behind the pricing policies of pharmaceutical manufacturers. When large companies invest heavily in developing infrastructure, research and development and marketing, they are bound to recover their costs from somewhere. They do this by increasing the costs of drugs which are otherwise much cheaper to produce than what they cost in the retail market.

Generic drug manufacturers, however, do not have to invest so heavily into all of this, especially research and development. So, after the patent of the original drug manufacturer expires, these manufacturers take permission from the FDA and other regulatory bodies to produce the exact same drug without having to invest in the research involved. Hence, the costs which need to be recovered are much lower which allows them to sell at lower prices than the brand-name drug.

Therefore, you end up getting the exact same product for a fraction of the price.

Generic Lidocaine is freely available in drug stores everywhere. In case you are unable to find it in your nearby drug store, you can log on to an online drugstore and purchase it from there. Mostly, online portals source it from countries where manufacturing is cheaper, which might end up benefitting you economically.

Lidocaine is an effective and fast medicine which is extremely versatile and can be administered in several different ways. Branded variants of the drug can be very expensive, hence generic versions, which are much cheaper and equally effective, can be opted for.

Lidocaine is safe to use, not addictive and not regulated either. But it is very important to consult the doctor before using the drug, especially when ingesting the drug orally or injecting it. If you have cardiac issues, liver disease, kidney disease or circulation problems, your dosage will be lower than typical doses. Ensure that you disclose any such issues to the doctor beforehand. Care should also be taken to minimize unnecessary usage if you are pregnant. Studies are still inconclusive with regards to the effects of Lidocaine on unborn children, or its potential ability to pass through breast milk into the child’s system.

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