Misoprostol Over the Counter

Misoprostol is a powerful medication with a few very different uses in today’s healthcare system. The effect that it’s probably best known for among most people is its ability to induce labor or cause an abortion. However, there’s much more than just that – misoprostol is also widely used to prevent stomach ulcers in patients susceptible to this condition, treat postpartum bleeding as well as a number of other health disorders. Due to its potentially dangerous side effects, it’s sold as a prescription-only medication in most locations around the world. However, there are still some countries as well as online pharmacies that offer misoprostol-based medications over the counter and in today’s article we will tell you about available ways of obtaining this drug without doctor’s prescription should the need arise – as well as provide a detailed description of misoprostol, its uses, brands it’s available under, its prices around the world and more.

Generic Cytotec Over the Counter

Cytotec is the most popular brand-name medication using misoprostol as its main active ingredient. It is manufactured by Pfizer, available in the form of oral pills and in two dosages – 100 mcg and 200 mcg of misoprostol per pill. The default dosage prescribed to most patients is the 200 mcg one but, if that is not tolerated well by the patient, the dose may be reduced to 100 mcg.

Contrary to popular belief, the primary use of Cytotec is not medical abortion. Statistically, more patients take it to prevent stomach ulcers induced by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are known to stimulate the overproduction of gastric juice, which, in turn, can affect the mucous membranes lining the inside of human stomach. In fact, many patients taking NSAIDs are coprescribed Cytotec immediately as a means of supporting therapy. It should be noted, however, that Cytotec is not very effective in treating acute peptic ulcers, so if you have already gotten an ulceration due to NSAID use or any other factors, an alternative treatment with other medications would be preferable.

One of Cytotec’s major effects is its ability to cause miscarriage – and it’s exactly what its second use is based on. Currently, Cytotec alone or its combination with such meds as methotrexate (Trexall, Rheumatrex, etc.) or mifepristone (Korlym, Mifeprex, Mifegyn, etc.) is widely used for medical abortion. As opposed to surgical abortion, this means is considered to be more natural and, therefore, less risky for the patient. It’s important to remember that Cytotec is most effective in early pregnancies (up to 12 weeks) and is not 100% effective as up to 12% pregnancies may continue after the first-time use of the medication. In that event, a second similar Cytotec dose is recommended, but not earlier than 3 days after the first intake.

Additionally, many doctors prescribe Cytotec to pregnant patients who are overdue in order to start labor. Although this drug is known to cause birth deformities, it’s perfectly safe to use when the fetus is already fully developed and the labor is expected to start right after the medication is taken – in that case misoprostol doesn’t get into the newborn’s system and doesn’t cause any harm.

Finally, Cytotec is also a means of stopping postpartum bleeding, which stands for abundant vaginal bleeding following giving birth. In that case, however, it is rarely administered orally as it significantly reduces its effect. Patients with postpartum bleeding should be given misoprostol rectally resulting in quick contraction of the uterus.

Cytotec Pill

The original 100 mcg Cytotec pill manufactured by Pfizer is white or cream-colored, round in shape with ‘SEARLE’ imprint on one side and ‘1451’ on the other. The 200 mcg brand-name pill, in its turn, is six-sided and has the logo in the form of a stomach imprinted on one side and ‘SEARLE 1461’ – on the other. Note, however, that generic misoprostol pills by other manufacturers may look absolutely different but still be exactly as effective and safe as the original tablet.

Now a few words about the recommended Cytotec dosages for treating different conditions. Although these may vary from doctor to doctor, we will try to stick to the original directions provided by the manufacturer of Cytotec, Pfizer. Thus, a person taking this medication for NSAID-induced peptic ulcer prophylaxis would most likely be recommended to take 9.8 mcg of misoprostol per 1 kg of body weight a day. That would be given in two equal doses throughout the day. For example, a patient weighing 60 kg would be taking 588 mcg (or, more likely, 600 mcg) a day or 300 mcg per intake. That would equal to three 100 mcg pills or one and a half 200 mcg pills per intake.

When Cytotec is prescribed for abortion, it is usually taken 48 hours after mifepristone as a single dose comprising 400 mg of misoprostol (four 100 mcg tablets or two 200 mcg ones). If Cytotec is taken vaginally instead of by mouth, then the dose should be increased to 800 mcg.

In patients needing stimulation of labor, Cytotec is used in much lower doses – namely, 25 mcg every 4-6 hours until the labor begins.

Where to buy Cytotec?

There are a number of ways you can go when you need to buy Cytotec depending on the situation you are in. In most cases you will only be able to obtain this medication by prescription after a conversation with your healthcare provider. In that event, you will need to provide a valid prescription to an offline or online pharmacy of your choice in order to obtain the medication. If, however, for some reason you can’t get a prescription, you can buy Cytotec over the counter online – or in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy if misoprostol is not considered a controlled substance in your country. For example, patients in the US are not allowed to purchase misoprostol prescription-free within the country, so they might consider ordering from abroad. Please, note, however, that Cytotec is a powerful medication with many serious side effects, so before you order it without prescription, make sure you know what you are doing and are well aware of potential consequences and things you’d do should they arise.

Misoprostol Over the Counter

Although Cytotec is definitely the most famous brand name that misoprostol is sold under around the world, there are a few more that you may consider in case you don’t mind generic drugs. Naturally, everything Pfizer is very expensive so if the money is tight, you might be looking for misoprostol by another pharmaceutical company. Generic meds are often much cheaper than the brand-name ones but their quality is equal in most cases provided the manufacturer and the retailer you’re buying from are reliable enough. Other relatively popular misoprostol brands include but are not limited to Cyprostol, Mysotrol, Prostokos, Vagiprost, Misotac, Mizoprostol, Misofar, Isovent, Kontac and many more. Additionally, the drug you’re buying may simply have ‘Misoprostol’ written on the package as not all pharmaceutical companies bother to invent brand names for their products and choose to stick with the names of active ingredients instead.

How to Get Misoprostol?

Similarly to Cytotec, generic misoprostol can be purchased online and offline with a prescription or over the counter depending on the country you’re in and/or the country you’re buying from. Please, note that all over the counter online purchases of pharmaceutical products should be performed with extra care as the risks of running into a fraudulent Internet-based pharmacy are always high. You may end up buying a counterfeit product or not receiving your order at all, so you’re strongly advised to research all the background information about the pharmacy of your interest that you can find before you buy misoprostol from them.

Misoprostol Cost

Like we have already mentioned above, the cost of misoprostol may differ hugely depending on your location and the brand of the medication you are purchasing. For example, a package of 4 brand-name 100 mcg Cytotec pills will cost you $16 in the United States while the cost of generic misoprostol may be as low as $4 for the same amount. Generic misoprostol sold on the Internet is likely to be even cheaper – less than $1 per tablet in most cases. However, remember that you would also need to pay for the shipping when ordering online. We strongly recommend that you avoid buying Cytotec or any generic misoprostol-based alternatives at prices that are much below the average as the risk of running into a fraudulent online dealer is much higher in that case.

All in all, generic Cytotec sold online over the counter or in ground-based pharmacies with or without prescription definitely is a viable alternative to its brand-name counterpart by Pfizer. Nevertheless, it’s very important to order from reliable pharmacies only, always follow the directions for use and remember that misoprostol is a powerful mediation that has a number of potentially hazardous side effects that every patient taking it should be aware of.

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